About CADP

What Is CADP?

The California Association of Dental Plans (CADP) is California‚Äôs only organization for Knox-Keene and Department of Insurance licensed dental plans.  The Association was organized in 1985 to promote, through education and collective action, the mutual interests of the managed dental benefits industry.

Why Is It Needed?

CADP fosters awareness of quality of care standards and works to establish guidelines to meet those standards, influences the legislative and regulatory environment, promotes improved operational efficiencies through cooperative systems development, and promotes the managed dental benefits industry.

Who is Involved?

Membership is comprised those dental benefit companies in licensed by the Department of Managed Health Care and Department of Insurance.  Each company, as represented by the CEO or key management personnel, has made a commitment to further the goals of the Association through cooperation and mutual awareness of issues that affect the activities of all dental benefits companies.

Objectives And Purposes

  • To represent and advocate for the regulatory and legislative interests of the dental benefits industry
  • Serve as a dental benefits authority that provides guidance and educational resources of value to member plans
  • Develop guidelines, support activities, and provide resources that improve oral health through access to affordable, quality dental benefits